How to Help!


We need volunteers both Wednesday (before Thanksgiving) and on Thanksgiving Day to help clean, chop, peel, prep, decorate, cook, serve and clean up.  There is a job for you.  Please contact Kellen at (304) 249-8124 and she'll be glad to put you on the schedule.

We couldn't possibly pull this event off without donations of food and/or money.  Many local restaurants donate food to the event.  Please see our "wishlist" for food and supply items we need.

If you prefer to give us money, please mail a check to When Pigs Fly Barbeque, LLC, Post Office Box 204, Maxwelton, West Virginia 24957. 

Or, if you prefer to donate with a credit or debit card, please use one of the "Donate" buttons. Cards are processed by Paypal, which will allow you to donate via bank draft or credit card, or take it out of your Paypal account (but you don't have to have a Paypal account to use this service).

Thanks!  Let us know if you have any questions!  

Mike and Kellen


When Pigs Fly Barbeque is happy to announce its Fourth Annual “Giving Back Day,” to be held on Thanksgiving Day, November 23th, 2017.   We closed our restaurant on August 13, so this year we’re proud to be partnering with the State Fair of West Virginia to hold the event at the Blue Ribbon Center on the Fairgrounds in Fairlea.     The first three events were a great success.  “We served almost 300 free Thanksgiving Dinners last year, and we believe the need may be even greater this year,” said Kellen Leef, co-owner of the popular local caterer and event provider.    “So many people are just struggling to get by.”   Her partner, Mike Sheridan, said “we try to give a little something back to the community which has been so good to us, and feeding people is a great way to do it.”   

They will be providing a traditional Thanksgiving meal, including roast turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh local greens, green beans, sweet potatoes, cranberry salad, pumpkin pie, and all the rest of the trimmings free to anyone who shows up.

“There are many people in our community who are either alone, or unable to prepare themselves a traditional Thanksgiving meal,” said Leef.   “We want them to share this joyful and thankful occasion with us.  So, if you know of such people, ask them to come by and join us for good food and fellowship.”  There is absolutely no charge and no catch;  people can throw a donation in the bucket if they want to.  We do not check ID’s, and no paperwork is required.  Just show up and eat.  (If they have volunteer drivers, they will also deliver to the elderly and shut-ins, as needed.)  .   Doors open from 12-6 on Thanksgiving Day (or until they run out).  

Over the years, the event has evolved into a community-sponsored event, and since When Pigs Fly no longer has their fixed location to support the effort, “we are hoping for even more community support this year.  “In the past, we’ve been fortunate to have donations of both food and cash from a number of individuals and organizations in the community. “  For 2017, they’ve already received pledges of support from several local restaurants, and will respectfully ask all local restaurants to step up and participate.  “We realize that times are hard right now,” said Leef, “but we all need to do what we can to help each other.” 
Individuals may also donate cash or food, and will designate a drop-off point for food.  Click the "Donate" Button to the left to use a credit or debit card, or donate from your Paypal Account.  Or checks can be mailed to When Pigs Fly Barbeque, LLC, Post Office Box 204, Maxwelton, West Virginia.  Unspent money, if any, will go to the local food bank, but they usually spend all the donations, plus a little bit more, on food and supplies.

They need volunteers on Wednesday, as well as Thanksgiving Day, to help prep, cook, serve and clean up.  Shifts will be set up so that nobody has to work all day; people will get to spend time with their families while donating 3 or 4 hours to the community on Thanksgiving Day.  They are also accepting donations of food or cash so that they can provide this service to as many people as possible.

Please call (304) 249-8124 and ask for Kellen to get on the volunteer schedule or make a contribution.  

When Pigs Fly Barbeque has been cooking and selling real pit barbeque since 2005.  They are currently focused on catering, events such as fairs and festivals, and concessionaire services for sporting and other events.  See their website at, or call Kellen at (304) 249-8124 for more information.


Happy Thanksgiving!

"The SOBO stuffed potato was AMAZZZZZZING! One of the best things I have ever eaten!!!"--Kala B.
 "Your food is delicious and your restaurant interestingly has something perfect for everybody."--Teresa S.
 "Thanks for the great food. Nice to have a bbq close in.  My dad loves bbq and was really happy with the food.  We will be coming back, for sure! Great food and very friendly staff."--Shannon M.
 "Thank you Kellen and Mike for a delicious meal. My granddaughter came in from Marshall University and wanted to have dinner there. Your food is delicious, the service is great and I liked your St. Paddy's day decorations."--Nonnie S.