Hours of Operation

Sunday - 11-7
Monday -  By Appt.
Tuesday - By Appt.
Wednesday -- 11-8
Thursday -- 11-8
Friday -- 11-9
Saturday -- 11-9
Sorry, we don't take reservations in our dining room.  We have  nearly doubled our seating for your convenience.   But,  we are strictly "first come, first served."
In a rush?  We understand.  Call ahead and we'll have your meal  ready for you.  (304) 645-4BBQ.  (304) 645-4227.  Don't overlook our weekday Quick Lunch Buffet, including two meats, sides and tea or soft drink for only $9.99 (Salad bar only $1.99 extra).  Available weekdays.
Our party/conference room is available by reservation for your group or event.  It's set up for your comfort and privacy.   Want to stay and party after hours?  No problem!  Just pay a small hourly fee to cover our staff's overtime while you are there.

We’re a small, “mom and pop” barbeque joint, owned and operated by Mike Sheridan and Kellen Leef.  We love sharing our passion for barbeque with others.  Kellen enjoys running the kitchen, while Mike likes to hang out in the dining room and talk with customers. 

We pride ourselves on serving “Good food and plenty of it.”  Our dining room is comfortable, homey, and family-friendly.  We also offer carry-out.  We operate an extensive catering operation  which gives you many, many options (click the “Custom Catering” tab above for details).  A lot of  people enjoy using our party room or eating outside on our deck.

A customer recently left the following review on Google, and we thought it summed us up pretty well:

“A change of pace from fast food. We stopped for late lunch on Sunday afternoon. Pros - good food that tastes home made rather than microwaved fast food. We had a couple pulled pork sandwiches and a pulled pork plate. HUGE meat servings. Added sauce from choices of several different barbeque sauces. Side of baked beans with more flavor than store brand and good homemade coleslaw. Fabulous local ice cream. Price is a little more than fast food but less than sit down chain Small local place that was not busy at 2 pm on Sunday so had a chance to talk to friendly owner. We plan to return and try other sides by sharing a sandwich order and getting a plate of sides.”

Our extensive menu centers on southern-style pulled pork, chicken, ribs and all the fixin’s.  All of our sides are homemade, many from family recipes.  We don’t pour anything out of a bucket, and we would never, never take food off the back of a food truck, thaw it out, and try to palm it off on you as authentic.

If you’re a big fan of the deep-fried and greasy, go elsewhere. The only things we deep fry are our French fries and our sweet potato fries. 

  • We get our pork in the form of Boston Butts, which have the perfect fat content for pulling. We cook them for 14 hours in hickory smoke until the meat is falling-apart tender, then pull it by hand and serve it up to you.
  • Our barbequed half-chicken is just what is says.  We take a whole chicken and cut it in half, from stem to stern.  Then we hand rub it with our own homemade rub, and cook it low and slow in our hickory smoker just until it’s tender, but still moist and juicy.
  • If your appetite can’t handle an entire half a chicken, ask for the pulled chicken instead. We use the same half chickens, but manually pull the meat off the bones.  Makes wonderful sandwiches.
  • We get our ribs in thick, meaty, full-racks.  We cut them in half, then rub them with our homemade rub, and cook them in our hickory smoker until you can pick the meat off the bones with your fingers.   Not quite falling off the bone, but almost.
  • Our sides are made right here in our kitchen, using fresh, locally grown produce, in season, whenever we can get it.  Most are done from family recipes.  We don’t cut corners.
  • We use premium Bush brand beans, then doctor them up with our special, homemade “bean juice,” before baking them with just a little bit of hickory smoke, for extra flavor.
  • The Mac and Cheese is made with real Velveeta, because that knock-off brand just doesn’t taste right.
  • We get the greens fresh (never canned or frozen), and cook them down from there.  We recommend you try our Carolina Vinegar sauce on your greens, if you’re so inclined.
  • Our green beans are made vegan, with fresh garlic and herbs.
  • The potato salad contains fresh, hand-chopped herbs.

You get the idea.

  • Our salad bar maybe isn’t the fanciest in town. But, it offers stuff that people actually want to eat.  Including fresh, local produce in season, and often homemade cold dishes like tabouli or broccoli salad.
  • And our ice cream.  Well, they say that milk comes out of a cow with about 13% butterfat, so that’s what should be in the ice cream. You won’t find anything like this in the grocery store, even in the premium case with Ben, Jerry and the Haagen Daz brothers.
  • We usually have a couple of homemade soups to choose from.
  • We offer fresh-brewed sweet tea, unsweet tea, lemonade, Pepsi products, and spring water from nearby Monroe County.  


So, it really is about “Good food and plenty of it!”  Come on down and give us a try!

What have we forgotten to tell you?  Give us a call at (304) 645-4BBQ and we’ll answer all your questions.

We know you have many dining choices, and we really do appreciate your spending part of your dining budget with us.


Mike and Kellen


Since 2006, people in Southern West Virginia have known us for our barbeque. 

Now, though, we're proud to have the opportunity to offer you hand-dipped premium ice cream from the Homestead Creamery in Wirtz, Virginia.  This wonderful ice cream is made in a small dairy near Smith Mountain Lake, and distributed only to a limited area.  You may have seen their wonderful milk, available in glass bottles, in local grocery stores. 

This rich, creamy product has a flavor that you really must try in order to appreciate it.  It has twice the butterfat but not nearly the amount of air as mainstream ice creams, so it is thick, rich, creamy and flavorful.  A real treat for your tongue. 

Flavors currently available include vanilla, strawberry, strawberry cheesecake,  butter pecan, double chocolate dream, moo tracks, pomegranate-raspberry, cookies and cream, and black raspberry.   Our two seasonal flavors, egg nog and pumpkin, have both been very popular.  We have cups, cones, waffle cones, shakes, sundaes, and banana splits, as well as root beer floats!

Ask for a free taste the next time you're down our way. 

Mike and Kellen

"The SOBO stuffed potato was AMAZZZZZZING! One of the best things I have ever eaten!!!"--Kala B.
 "Your food is delicious and your restaurant interestingly has something perfect for everybody."--Teresa S.
 "Thanks for the great food. Nice to have a bbq close in.  My dad loves bbq and was really happy with the food.  We will be coming back, for sure! Great food and very friendly staff."--Shannon M.
 "Thank you Kellen and Mike for a delicious meal. My granddaughter came in from Marshall University and wanted to have dinner there. Your food is delicious, the service is great and I liked your St. Paddy's day decorations."--Nonnie S.